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Common installation methods and basic properties of aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall

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What are the common installation methods and basic properties of aluminum honeycomb panel curtain walls? Below is the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer to introduce to you, I hope our introduction can help you better.

Aluminum honeycomb plate

1, hanging ear type: this installation method is the separation of the hanging ear and the honeycomb plate, the hanging ear is connected to the seams of the honeycomb plate after the machine is separately processed. The suitable width of the seams is more than 12mm. This installation method makes the machining simple and easy to install.

2, flanging: this installation is to process aluminum honeycomb plate when machining is installed with flanging, installation only needs to comfort the joint and keel and seams, suitable for the seam width of more than 10mm, this method is easy to install, but the processing is a little complex, not suitable for the molding curtain wall.

3, buckle type: this node is aluminum buckle type, the buckle is a specific section, the installation is simple, but this method requires higher precision of the plate processing, and it is not recommended to be used in the plate more than 3000mm above the length. According to the width of the buckle strip, 20mm and 40mm are used for plate joints.

The basic characteristics of aluminum honeycomb plate:

1, light weight, high specific strength, especially high bending rigidity. The bending stiffness of aluminum honeycomb panel with the same quality is about 5 times of that of aluminum alloy.

2. It has high surface flatness and high temperature stability. It is easy to form and is not easy to be deformed. Aluminum honeycomb plate can not only be made of flat plate, but also can be made into double curved and single curved panel, so it is convenient to disassemble and assemble the vehicle parts.

3, excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and environmental adaptability, can adapt to the bad application environment of railway EMU and bus. In addition, according to the needs, this kind of sheet can be treated with surface spray paint or surface pasted fire prevention board to achieve good decoration and fire resistance.

4, the unique resilience, can absorb the vibration energy, has good sound insulation and noise reduction effect.

5, the fire protection grade is high, which meets the class a requirement in the fire prevention and fire control rules of UIC564-2-199l "railway passenger car or international combined transport of similar vehicles".

6. After the fire, the smoke density accords with the high grade international railway fire prevention standard. It has good self extinguishing, low heat release value, can form a refractory layer, can reduce the release of smoke and toxic gas, and has excellent environmental protection performance.

7, excellent molding and manufacturability, which can meet the requirements of complex shape and high stability of components in railway vehicles.

Through the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer, we introduce the common installation methods and basic properties of the aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall. Do you understand? I hope our introduction can help you better.

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