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Method of incompatible treatment for wall dry and aluminum sheet

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What are the different ways to deal with the wall dry hanging aluminum single board? Below is the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer to introduce to you, I hope our introduction can help you better.

Aluminum honeycomb plate

1. Cause in the construction

1, before the construction, no drawings were examined and the actual site conditions were investigated, without proper training for workers and technical disclosure.

2. Before the skeleton is installed, the actual size of the wall surface is not measured and the wall surface is typed, so that the distance of the skeleton arrangement is not consistent, and the skeleton's evenness and verticality are not measured when the skeleton is installed.

3, the holes or bolts that are not connected to the aluminum skeleton during drilling are not consistent with the positions of the pins.

Two, key points of quality control and prevention measures

1. Before the whole project starts, the project manager organizes all engineering technicians and team leaders of the construction work to study the design drawings and strengthen the understanding of the drawings. The technical problems in the drawings are communicated with the design institute to avoid the quality problems in the construction. The constructors should do a good job of technology and safety. The technical basis must describe each process in detail, the important process, the part or the link, the proper training of the workers, the improvement of the technical quality, and the whole process control in the construction.

2. Before the installation of the skeleton, the actual size of the wall should be measured in accordance with the actual situation of the earth and the actual size of the wall should be measured from the middle to the two sides according to the actual actual conditions. After confirming the Party A and the supervisor, the axis and the horizontal line of the wall face are popped out, and the spacing of the keels should be arranged according to the design, at the high level line. Pop-up the keel line. According to the hanging line, we first determine the location of the three parts of the left side, the right side and the middle part, then pull a horizontal line, and determine the location of each embedded part on the horizontal line. After determining the location of the embedded parts, the location of the bolt holes is painted according to the striking colors of the embedded steel plates, and then drilling with electric drill. After the forming of the anchor hole, the construction should be carried out strictly according to the construction procedure of the chemical bolt. First, the slag quality and dust in the hole are blown out. Then the special brush is used in the East, and then the dust is blown out in the drum, and the bag is stuffed into the bag, and the bolt is entered with the special equipment. After the chemical bolt agent solidified, then the steel plate. After installation, the elevation deviation should not be greater than 10mm, and the deviation of the buried position should not be greater than 20mm. According to the field data, we should strictly control the size of the cutting material for the column and the cross material, and adjust the raw material before cutting the material. The deviation of the column should not be more than + 1mm for the finished product. The deviation of the cross material should not exceed + 0.5mm; the end of the cutting end should not be deformed to avoid the appearance of the bristles.

3, the column is installed according to the line, to determine its base position, first connect the connection parts and the column, and then connect with the main embedded parts, repeatedly adjust the spot welding fixed. The installation position of the column must be accurate. The deviation of the installation height of the column should not be greater than 3mm. The deviation of the axis is not greater than 2mm, and the deviation is less than 3mm. When installing two columns, the deviation of elevation is not greater than 3mm, and the distance deviation between two columns is not greater than 2mm. The installation of the same layer should be carried out from bottom to top. When the height of a layer is installed, it should be checked, adjusted and fixed, so that it meets the design and quality requirements. The horizontal elevation deviation should not be greater than 1mm, the deviation of the same layer should not be greater than 5mm, and the 1.5mm expansion joint at both ends of the crossbeam and the vertical column is retained and fixed after fixed. Apply sealant seal. After the column and beam are installed, the diagonal deviation of each frame should be in accordance with the standard requirements. When the diagonal is less than or equal to 2mm, the diagonal difference should be less than equal to 3mm; when the diagonal is greater than 2mm, the diagonal difference is less than equal to 3.5mm.

4. When the aluminum sheet is installed, the pipe, line pipe, insulation and sound insulation and other equipment must be concealed in the wall, and all the procedures are all accepted. It is necessary to check the accuracy of the line division, whether there is a cumulative error, check whether the size of the aluminum plate is in accordance with the design requirements, the color of the aluminum sheet is uniform, the surface is smooth, clean, no cracks and defects, such as problems should be adjusted or replaced in time, no problem must be assigned to the plate on the plate. The position of the number and the position of the original line is in position. The aluminum sheet is fixed on the vertical keel with the pull rivet. First, it is installed from the bottom of the wall to the top. The gap between the aluminum sheet and the aluminum sheet is generally 15mm, then the door hole, the connection place is installed, and the closing is processed. It is required that the boards should be smooth, neat and uniform.

Three, sealant sealant is not dense, wide and narrow

(1) the cause in the construction

1, when making glue, silicone sealant is not chosen, and ordinary sealant is chosen.

2, without sufficient clean sheet sealing gap (especially bonding surface), and drying. The filling depth of polyethylene foam is not consistent. When a silicone sealant is poured with a caulking gun, no pressure can be formed, so that it can not be tightly adhered to the slit and is not tightly sealed.

3, when the seams are unskilled, they can not make the gap filling from the seam filling the seam (the polyethylene foam filling surface) with the same distance, the force uniform, the slow drag and the continuous action. The sealant sealant is more and less, the joint is more and the air is brought into the sealant. The sealant sealant surface is not straight, and the bubble seepage is caused.

Four, key points of quality control and prevention measures

1, choose the silicone sealant which is reliable in quality. Silicone sealant is always soft and texture is like rubber.

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