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An introduction to the characteristics of aluminum sheet

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What are the characteristics of the aluminum sheet? The following is the introduction of the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer, I hope our introduction can help our friends better.

Aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheet curtain wall material and structure: aluminum sheet curtain wall with high quality and high strength aluminum alloy plate, its common thickness is 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.0MM, the model is 3003, the state is H24. The maximum size of the conventional material is 1220MM x 2440MM. Its structure is mainly composed of a panel, stiffener and bracket component. Code can be directly by the panel bending, stamping molding, but also in the small side panel on riveting corner molding. The reinforcing bar is connected with the welding screw after the plate surface, making it a solid whole, greatly enhancing the strength and rigidity of the aluminum sheet curtain wall, and ensuring the smoothness and wind resistance and anti-seismic ability of the long term use. If sound insulation is needed, an efficient insulation and insulation material can be installed on the inside of the aluminum plate.

The surface treatment of aluminum veneer curtain wall, the surface of aluminum veneer curtain wall is usually treated by chrome pretreatment, then fluorocarbon spraying is applied. Fluorocarbon coatings, topcoat and varnish of polyvinylidene fluoride (KANAR500). It is generally divided into two, three or four. Fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weatherability. It can resist acid rain, salt mist and all kinds of air pollutants. It has excellent cold and heat resistance. It can resist intense ultraviolet radiation. It can keep the color without fading and powdery for a long time, and has long service life. We choose the world famous fluorocarbon paint manufacturers PPG, DNT, AKZO, NIPPON and other companies of high quality fluorocarbon paint, the color selection is wide, customers can directly according to the manufacturer to provide color plate selection or color plate sample. The characteristics of aluminum veneer wall panels are aluminum single curtain wall panels, good steel quality, light weight and high strength. The aluminum veneer curtain wall has good corrosion resistance, and fluorocarbon paint can be 25 years without legs. The aluminum sheet and curtain wall panel is very technical. After machining and spray painting process, aluminum plates can be machined into various complex geometries, such as plane, arc and sphere.

The aluminum veneer curtain wall is not easy to stain, so it is easy to clean and maintain. The non adhesion of fluorocarbon coatings makes it difficult to attach contaminants to the surface and has better cleanliness. The installation and construction of the aluminum sheet and curtain wall panel is convenient and quick. The aluminum plate is formed in the factory, and the construction site needs no cutting but simply fixed. Aluminum veneer curtain wall can be recycled and reused for environmental protection. The aluminum plate can be recycled 100%, and the recovery value is higher. The application range aluminum sheet curtain wall is suitable for all kinds of interior and exterior wall, lobby face, column ornament, viaduct, pedestrian overpass, elevator edge, balcony packing, advertisement indicator, indoor irregular ceiling and so on.

Through the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer, we introduce the characteristics of aluminum panel for you. Do you understand? If you want to learn more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to us.

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