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Maintenance mode of honeycomb aluminum plate

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What are the maintenance methods of honeycomb aluminum plates? Below is the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer to introduce to you, I hope our introduction can help you better.

Aluminum honeycomb plate

The protection of honeycomb aluminum plate is not only the business of the manufacturers, but also the user's business. Then we will see how the manufacturer protects the honeycomb aluminum plate. The last process of the honeycomb aluminum plate manufacturer is called the appearance inspection. In the appearance inspection, it is clear that the production specifications are not consistent, the production quality is poor, the appearance of the product is bad and so on. Products that ensure packing and packing are all high quality products. At the time of packing, the corner protector is placed at four corners, which can better protect the corner part of the honeycomb aluminum plate. Then the rest is the user's side, the honeycomb aluminum plate has a layer of protective film before leaving the factory to protect the honeycomb aluminum plate. After the installation, the user decides if it needs to be torn, but some places that are easy to contact still need to be checked and cleaned, so as to avoid scratching and so on. Prevent the impact of only hard objects, such as a hammer. Although the stiffness and strength of aluminum honeycomb panel, but with the strength of the impact is unable to resist sustain the blows. The above is about the maintenance of honeycomb aluminum plate, in fact, as long as it is not intentional damage, the stiffness of the honeycomb aluminum plate is not easy to cause deformation, so the aluminum honeycomb plate is the first choice for our curtain wall industry, and is also a more and more widely used curtain wall product in recent years.

Through the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer, I would like to introduce the maintenance method of honeycomb aluminum plate for you. Do you understand? If you want to learn more knowledge, please pay attention to our company.

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