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Advantages of interlayer structure of aluminum honeycomb plate

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What are the advantages of the sandwich structure of aluminum honeycomb plate? Below is the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer to introduce to you, I hope our introduction can help you better.

Aluminum honeycomb plate

1, strength to weight ratio: due to the continuous support of the sandwich surface, the surface plate can give full play to its ability to withstand tensile or compressive loads.

2, stiffness to weight ratio: for the main bending parts, the appropriate weight of the plate and sandwich material can be achieved.

3, sound insulation and heat insulation performance is excellent: honeycomb itself does not have sound insulation and heat insulation performance, but honeycomb sandwich structure has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance. In the commonly used honeycomb sandwich panels, the volume of solid material is only 1% to 3%, and the rest space is closed air. Because the sound insulation and heat insulation performance of air is superior to any solid material, the heat and sound wave are greatly limited, so the honeycomb sandwich plate has good insulation and sound insulation.

Aluminum honeycomb plate

4, good damping performance: because there are many honeycomb nests that are closely related to each other, like many small I-beams, they can be dispersed and bear the pressure from all sides. Therefore, it has strong anti-seismic ability.

Through the aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer, we introduce the advantages of aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure. Do you understand? If you want to learn more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to us.

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